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Truly enjoyed this game and the bittersweet feelings of having to leave your past behind because people grow. People change. Things change. I think this teaches a lesson that nothing truly ever stays the same, and to enjoy the moment while it last, because the next thing you know, all of your friends, and everyone around you has grown up, to actually do something with their lives. Gave me such melancholy and nostalgic vibes. I really recommend this.

well said


Fantastic game, enjoyed every second of it!


This should be a steam game and make it payed


It feels real somehow, because when you're in the car, you actually have to do things and wait for the next scene.


It's a cool game, I was wondering where it was gonna take me...


The screen is very beautiful, and it is a great game.
Thank you to the creator


Cool. Really enjoy games like this. I am making a sort of intense, high energy, freaky game right now and this is a nice break from that.


Amazing! :)


why is everything so dark? i can't see anything when i start the game


This was more than a game it was an experience and the music was phenomenal.


i really really like this game <3 i really loved the atmosphere and aesthetic components


My mac can play COD MW 3 with high graphic setting but this game run 10 fps for just text animation. Ha Ha what a useless shit.


seems you're well liked here

Deleted 1 year ago

you make one dude

exactly lmao

Yea, I made for my company so what


Absolutely love the idea of this game, wow! Great job!


Pleaseeeeeeee make more like this!!!!!


a very nice game with a nice story...I love it!

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I threw the cassette out the window and immediately felt bad ;_; .


Uh, is relaxing. Good job


reminds me of a game idea i had quite awhile ago.

nice game, really enjoyable bus ride.


This game was great!


This is an amazing game!

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Is this a game that low-end PCs can handle?

not really, i can run it but it's like 10-15 fps

i myself have a low end pc, the game worked great.

is this a 64 bit game ?

Are there any plans for a Linux version ?


Ohh wow this is truly an amazing game experience


A really nice story. I loved the atmosphere and i love the character design and the bus! I really enjoyed playing this game it was a nice experience. I made a video hope you enjoy :)


This game is one of the few that I would say has a replay value, just playing it over and over again to listen to the story behind the trip.


For a game made in 5 months by two peoples its a really good game and deserve much more recognition. I liked so much!


A really good game, loved the story.

made on Unity, and no GNU/Linux build here - so i can't play it at all... :S 

Have you tried it with Wine ?


I cried. So much. I have no idea why. The game was so nostalgic. Wow.

Quite original!


Hey creators:)

LOVED the game,it was frickin' amazing!!!I loved every minute of it,somehow you could make it feel like they were all meaningful(and well,I guess they really were).

...And the soundtracks though,I adored them(since my taste is close to this kind of music,especially when I'm in the mood-pretty often...),so thanks again for the game,and the music recommendation too!!<3


Oyunun atmosferini beğendim. Gerçekten de birbirinden kopmuş olan arkadaşlar gibiydik. Aradaki gerilimi hissedebildim. Güzel bir deneyim oldu.


This game was amazing! I really enjoyed it a lot. I am happy to see that there is a possibility of this being worked on more, because there were some things that occurred in the game, that I need answers too. Trying to keep my comment Spoiler free. I am really looking forward to seeing what else is in stored for the game. I also included the game in my Indie Game Showcase and here is the gameplay highlight from Indie Game Showcase. Looking forward to more from you all in the future.


Incredible experience, PLAY THIS GAME


It was amazing! I played it and it was really good. I wish it was a bit longer, but anyways really fun!

(2 edits) really enjoyed this game, really fun! Play it yourself. Its kinda like a mini telltale game.  I sum up my feelings of the game at the end. So das my review lol. 


I feel like there is a profound message here. Really liked your game!


what cyber said, loved the game but really stale at places, still great tho!

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