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You are fresh out of university.

You have no idea what to do with yourself.


Northbound is a narrative, atmospheric adventure game set on a roadtrip.

Having just graduated from university, but lacking direction and purpose in life, you think back to the times when life was simpler and everything just seemed easier. So you decide to go on a roadtrip with your childhood friends, to a lake where you spent your summers together in the past. But on the way there, you realize that a lot has changed since you were kids.


  • Colorful, atmospheric handcrafted graphics
  • A highly detailed bus to explore
  • Soundtrack featuring various indie artists
  • An amount of dialogue we've never bothered to count
  • Will last you anywhere between 20 to 45 minutes
  • No objectives to fulfill, so take your time


Development started back in February of 2018 as part of our final thesis at university, where the two of us developed it for five months until we graduated in June.

Since then, it has received pretty positive reactions, encouraging us to start development of an all new version of Northbound.

This is not that new version. In fact, this version, now dubbed 'Long Road Ahead', is pretty much exactly the one we graduated with.

We are uploading it here in order to clear our heads, re-process our development and design processes that led us to this version, and to gather feedback. We hope that all of this will help us with development of the new version of Northbound, so please let us know if you liked it.

If you are interested, please follow us on Twitter for updates on the current state of development.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlayNorthbound
Website: https://www.northbound-game.com


Johannes Köberle: https://twitter.com/KoeberleJ
Arno Justus: https://twitter.com/SuperBalrog


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One of those game that NAILS a feeling perfectly!

Thank you so much for this!

a little short, loved the atmosphere though and I actually liked the lack of audio dialogue, it gave a nice retro feel to the game.

This was really interesting and did a great job capturing the feeling of growing out of friendships and relationships. Awesome work!

es impresionante la interactividad


el creador se tomo todo el tiempo de hacer el juego le tomo mucho empeño 

muy profunda la historia del juego especial el final 

It's a nice view

it doesn't open on Mac TwT "Application cannot be opened."

Amazing! Loved it to bits!

I had an absolute blast playing your game. Thank you so much! I can't wait to see more


This game is fucking beautiful

I really like the game

Good game

i absolutely loved it. you guys are very talented

just finished it and it hits me with the feels. very great and lovely game!!

Good game :)

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the game.

Roadtrips are the best <3

i've downloaded the right file for my OS but everytime i try to start it up it doesen't  i really don't know what to do 

really loved it

nice video

cool graphics!



would make a good movie but its kind of a rip off of jalopy

es divertido xd


The graphics are great, but it's so boring. I can't start in the middle. If I accidentally go out on the main screen, I have to start from the beginning. How did you see the ending?

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I'm just going to leave here an excerpt of the text I posted on my website about this game. It alone serves as my comment here:

"I can say, in my opinion, that Northbound: Long Road Ahead is one definitive proof that video games have long since ceased to be something considered "childish" or "silly", but that they have evolved to the point that they have become a tool to connect the player with remarkable, deep and reflective stories."

So peaceful !!

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I love this game, feels cozy, and reminds me of the old days.

I really liked this game, i like the graphics and the story a lot, thanks for this amazing moment! 

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hey hey! i'm zen here's my review:

Ok so first of all, Great artstyle love the atmospheric graphics. i love how everything in bus was interactable especially the front seat. Story was classic Midlife crisis X youngsters ish , loved it. Music in game was Amazing, went perfect with games vibe.

reaction: title: Most indie-ish game possible


Okay i came into this game thinking it'd be a short narrative to pass my time but wow, this is an amazing game even for how little the play area is. this game has pulled me in more than some high budget full story games have. Absolutely amaizing

Such a good game to play when it's raining and you have nothing to do. It was a lot of fun to play on my channel! :)

A really good experience from what I've seen ^^ 

Russian review

my gawd this was fun i espically like making them mad on the road trip >:) also is this based on a true story?? Like,everytrhing???

Красивая игра. Можно порелаксировать. НО как-то скучно. Мне не пошла. Возможно так как много текста и знание английского хромает ((( Разработчик молодец !!!!

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