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A really nice story. I loved the atmosphere and i love the character design and the bus! I really enjoyed playing this game it was a nice experience. I made a video hope you enjoy :)

This game is one of the few that I would say has a replay value, just playing it over and over again to listen to the story behind the trip.


For a game made in 5 months by two peoples its a really good game and deserve much more recognition. I liked so much!


A really good game, loved the story.

made on Unity, and no GNU/Linux build here - so i can't play it at all... :S 

Have you tried it with Wine ?


I cried. So much. I have no idea why. The game was so nostalgic. Wow.

Quite original!


Hey creators:)

LOVED the game,it was frickin' amazing!!!I loved every minute of it,somehow you could make it feel like they were all meaningful(and well,I guess they really were).

...And the soundtracks though,I adored them(since my taste is close to this kind of music,especially when I'm in the mood-pretty often...),so thanks again for the game,and the music recommendation too!!<3


Oyunun atmosferini beğendim. Gerçekten de birbirinden kopmuş olan arkadaşlar gibiydik. Aradaki gerilimi hissedebildim. Güzel bir deneyim oldu.


This game was amazing! I really enjoyed it a lot. I am happy to see that there is a possibility of this being worked on more, because there were some things that occurred in the game, that I need answers too. Trying to keep my comment Spoiler free. I am really looking forward to seeing what else is in stored for the game. I also included the game in my Indie Game Showcase and here is the gameplay highlight from Indie Game Showcase. Looking forward to more from you all in the future.


Incredible experience, PLAY THIS GAME


It was amazing! I played it and it was really good. I wish it was a bit longer, but anyways really fun!

(2 edits) really enjoyed this game, really fun! Play it yourself. Its kinda like a mini telltale game.  I sum up my feelings of the game at the end. So das my review lol. 


I feel like there is a profound message here. Really liked your game!


what cyber said, loved the game but really stale at places, still great tho!


I loved the characters! They felt alive, and fleshed out with their own character. I appriciate the level of detail to gamplay and dialogue, I didn't think tossing the tape out the window would do anything, but it certainly made me feel bad.

My only gripe with the game is that it feels just like a road trip. Feels like there's too many points where nothing happens, just waiting. While waiting for the next scene at one point I wound up waiting for 5 minutes for anything to happen (wasn't in the video, happened just right before I came back from the cut). If that was the intention, well that was accomplished, if not, those should get fixed as it makes things pretty boring and pacing stretch on for what feels like forever after you talk to everyone and mess with everything.

Other than the boring parts, I liked the game! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 


Played this game real quick one time and didn't get very far and quit because I wasn't in the mood to read lol but I decided to give it another try and I am glad it did. Very interesting game and it ended in another way than I was expecting. Wouldn't mind seeing more!

i threw stuff at everybody as soon as i figures out there was a option to throw


Nice game! Is map generated or you made it by your own?


This game was truly amazing. The art is beautiful rendered, the music is very tranquil and really sets the atmosphere, and overall the aesthetic is gorgeous and perfectly captures the feeling of a "midlife crisis" (and this is a run-on sentence lol). Kudos to you for being one of the only games to actually make me cry.

Oh wow, thank you so much for playing and for your kind words!
It makes us so happy to hear that you enjoyed it as much as you did and that it meant something to you.
Take care, we wish you all the best! <3


Really different from other story-driven games, didn't go too far into it but I might play more in the future!


Cool game! I enjoyed the overall experience. It was nice.

I'm just making an assumption but the game kind of feels like the devs are from the 80's and they recently met in uni/college in some game dev program that they were in. They became close because of their age. They came to the realization that the other people, who are all younger, that they met in their program are just going to be acquaintances. 

The seats needs seat belts!

Thank you! Your assumption is mostly correct, but we're not actually that old, and we didn't meet because of our age specifically ^^
Also, yes, they do need seatbelts, but that car is ridiculously unsafe anyway because its crumple zone is your knees.


I loved it! it had so much character and drama and I was literally basking in it all.

Thank you so much, your video made us super happy, really glad you enjoyed it! <3


Hey. Really good game, but I wanted to ask is the text "Borealis sea camera" reference to the borealis in hl2? Thanks!

Hey there. That would be funny, but we've never actually thought about that :D
It's actually just because Polaroid already has "polar" in its name, and because we had the northern lights in some of our artwork for the game, so we thought naming it after aurora borealis would be fitting ^^


This is a great game showcasing the differences between childhood and adulthood. This is very well thought out game as well. I can definitely see this game coming out on other platforms. 

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thanks for playing, and of course for the video and all the great feedback!

Poetic and atmospheric all at once, beautiful game! Was amusing taking pictures of the characters while in the car - and also seeing other cars without a driver. Interested to see the new version you're developing now. You both should stop by our young Discord where we're building a game collective!

Take care


I didn't know what to expect going into this, but I really liked it. And I want to the more of this. Enjoyed the atmosphere.

Thanks, that's good to hear, especially since we wanted to subvert expectations a little bit :D

nice but is there a way to NOT start that fight in the foggy section of the game?


Love the idea and especially the music! But is there any way for me to drive the car? That would put the game on a whole different level!


Thanks! You can actually drive the car at one point in the game! ^^

Oh that's great thanks for the reply! I Guess I was just a little too impatient, i'll definitely check it out!

i found it kinda funny for some reason


This is very neat! I like how you can do a lot of things in the van from playing on the game console to eating chips and ramen. Not to mention, the dialogue and the story with Fred, Jens, and Kari. It really surprised me later in the game. Great game! 

Thanks for the great feedback, glad you enjoyed it and we managed to surprise you ^^

(1 edit) (+2)

Played this game and absolutely loved the experience. Game really grabbed attention and made you feel what your character felt. Very well done! 

Thanks for the video, and especially for the kind words and great feedback at the end, glad you enjoyed it!


This is the fun game. I have fun to play this and make a lot jokes. Nice And Fun!

Thanks for the video, we had a lot of fun watching it ^^


Hi! I really love your game you made! It's so funny how you can throw stuff out the window, even though it's rude XD

Thanks for playing and commenting, glad you liked it ^^

(4 edits) (+1)

I really enjoyed. I'm in high school right now and this game perfectly captures my bittersweet feelings about the future and how my friends are going to move on. 

10/10 this game makes me want to plan a road trip and make sure my friends know i love them


Thanks for your sweet comment! Enjoy school while it lasts, make sure to keep in touch with your friends, let them know you love them, and we wish you all the best!



Thanks for the video, always fun to see how people react to our weird made-up radio program. Looking forward to the next video!


I really really enjoyed playing this game, the details in the van were really nice, the fact that you could interact with every single button and even open up the window was really nice touch.

The story itself was really nice and it brought back some nice memories from the past.

Amazing job so far, can't wait what you come up with next!


Thanks for the video and your very kind words, glad you enjoyed all the details, we really enjoyed watching it ^^


Wonderful job with this! I always enjoy these slice of life journey games and you pretty much nailed it. I really appreciated that there were some more dynamic elements, like stopping to talk, getting in the driver's seat, and a sense that I had some control over the way the conversations would go. Very nice touch with the camera. Overall, had fun. Keep up the good work and good luck with any future games!

Thanks for the video, the kind words and the great feedback! Glad you enjoyed it ^^

very confused about what to do


It was so immersive and beatiful. I think the music picked out and how it was placed was perfect for setting the tone. I noticed the radio wasn't going during the heavier part of the rainfall, and I thought that was a perfect touch. Just the sound of the rain and wipers coupled with a thick tension. I could go on and on about how much I love this game. 


Thank you so much for playing and commenting, really glad you enjoyed it, it always makes us happy to hear that ^^

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